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Rail trolley cycling

To travel through the wilderness on a rail trolley is an unique adventure. Take your picnic basket, bathing suit and enjoy the scenery from the trolley or at the shore of one of the lakes you pass.

Rail trolley cycling is an activity that suits all ages and (snowfree) seasons.

Station Sågen is situated along the abandoned part of the ‘Inlandsbanan’, 30 km south of Vansbro, Dalarna, Sweden. The abandoned railway offers many miles of rail trolley cycling through the beautiful wilderness.

Online booking

Station Sågen offers various package deals with accomodation, meals and rail trolley cycling that you can book online.

Online booking

The hostel offers a family room (4 persons) and a double room. A made up bed and towel is included in the price. Choose breakfast and/or a rail trolley as option.


At the first floor of the old station is a hostel. It offers 2 rooms with a total of 6 beds. There is a family room with 2 bunkbeds and double room.

Prices per person, bedlinnen & towel included:

  • SEK 250:- per night
  • SEK 175:- per night child 3-15 years
  • child 0-3 years: free

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Station Sågen


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